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A few years ago, Cyprus went through one of the worst financial crisis in the world because of the massive debt the government had taken. After the intervention of the European Union and the IMF, the country has emerged as one of the fastest countries in Europe. In this article, we will look at some of the top reasons why you might consider to buy a Cyprus property.

Investment Passport Program

If you are an entrepreneur, Cyprus is an ideal place to settle because of the investment passport program. This is a program that gives law-abiding citizens passports to live and work in Cyprus after they invest a certain amount of money. If you invest €200k, you will become a full residence of the country. If you invest more than €2 million, you become a citizen of the country. With the latter, you can travel and do business in all countries of the European Union. This is the main reasons that make people buy a Cyprus property.

Growing Cyprus Real Estate

The Cyprus real estate industry is seeing impressive growth. This is because of the increasing population and the demand for houses especially from foreigners. As a result, you can expect the value of the property that you buy in Cyprus to continue growing. As the value grows, this will become an ideal investment.

Business Friendly

Another reason why you might want to buy Cyprus real estate is that the government has put in place quality business-friendly policies. For example, the corporate tax in the country is 12%. This makes it one of the lowest in the European Union. It is also a well-known tax haven, which has made many countries set their headquarters there. Further, there is relatively affordable workforce in the country and a sizeable market when you consider that the country is in the European Union.

Safe Country

Cyprus has been voted as one of the safest countries in the world. The cases of homicides, robbery, and violence are so rare. This is despite the fact that the country is located in places that are considered high risk.

There are other reasons why you might consider to buy a Cyprus property. These include things like how diverse the country is, how it is strategically located at the intersection of three continents (Africa, Europe, and Asia), and its quality beaches. To invest in Cyprus real estate, you need to use a good agent who has been in the business for many years. These agents will have a big portfolio of quality Cyprus properties for sale that you can chose from.

Top Reasons to Buy a Cyprus property